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gnaughty is a frontend to the movies section of sublimedirectory.com, written in gtk2 for the Linux operating system. I'm currently looking for developers to help on gnaughty. If you're a halfway decent C programmer and you're interested in becoming a developer, please email me.

Wow, it's been a while. As some of you may have noticed, I haven't been actively working on gnaughty recently (read: the past two years). But I've had a couple patches sent in I want to release, along with some bugfixes and a correction for a formatting change SD snuck in when I wasn't looking. So I've released gnaughty 1.0.3 as well as 1.1.1, in the stable and devel branches respectively. Many thanks to Nelson Benitez for his contributions to this release.

I've gotten a couple emails from Fedora users saying that the alien-generated RPM didn't work for them. One of them, Jack M., was kind enough to send me an RPM built from the specfile under FC2. I haven't tested it, but it's posted it on the download page. Hopefully it'll work better than my package. :-)

Sorry about the long time with no updates. I've been really busy recently, and I haven't had a lot of time to work on gnaughty. However, a coder by the name of Naughty Boy has done some great work with multithreading, converted gnaughty to use glade, and various other cool stuff. Also, Sublime Directory recently changed their page format (again), and many thanks to Jesus Benitez for bringing that to my attention with a patch. I'm releasing an unstable 1.1.0 preview of the stuff that's been going on. No guarentees, it's kinda rushed because it's midnight and I won't be around for the next couple months. I just didn't want to let all that nice work languish in CVS forever. :-) I've also posted an RPM, generated from the deb by alien. Haven't had a chance to test it, so I'd appreciate any feedback from Fedora, etc. users.

Note: Due to SD.com's changes, at the moment 1.1.0 for Linux is the only working version. I wish I had time to post an update to the stable version, but I don't. Sorry :-(

It seems SublimeDirectory has changed it's site layout slightly, and gnaughty now crashes on load (which shouldn't have happened anyway, but I'll fix that later). I've released 1.0.2, which fixes this as well as another crash bug. Get it on the downloads page. Note: the Windows version is still unupdated and probably doesn't work. I'll fix it as soon as I have the time (hopefully pretty soon). Many thanks to Steven Scott for pointing out these issues and sending me a patch.

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